Special Events... Past, Present, and Future

September 2014 -- Passing the Awana Baton:
(Above is the passing the Commander Baton from Pastor Dale to Craig Becherl.)
Fall 2012: Mission Conference: "Leaving Mediocre Christianity Behind" 
Fall 2013: Missions Conference: "The Discipleship Wheel -- Let's all Get Moving"
Fall 2014: Missions Conference: "God is a Missionary-Minded God!"
Oct 5th, 2014: Rachel Balia (EFCA -- Touch Global, Congo Africa)
Oct 12th, 2014: Troy Gunderson (DRU -- Campus Crusade For Christ)
Oct 19th, 2014: Dave and Beth Lindahl (IVCF -- InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)
Children's Easter Musical "Assignment Life"
Special Sundays:
September: Sunday School Kickoff Sunday
October: Missions Conference (guest speakers/missionaries)
November: Operation Christmas Child -- Shoebox Drive
December: Annual Sunday School Christmas Program
December 31st: New Year's Eve Communion Service (games afterwards in homes)
January: Annual Observance of the "Sanctity of Life" Sunday
March: Palm Sunday Kids Processional 
March: Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the church gym (on the morning of Easter)
May: Survival Kits (for any graduating High School seniors)
June: B.I.C. Sunday: Bible Instruction Class recognition (Pastor's Class -- gifts of a study Bible)
December : Christmas Sunday School Program 
Other Events in the We Enjoyed in the Recent Past:
On October 21st we had a special "farewell" service & community "open house" for Pastor Dale
Each year our own "Cornerstone Quartet" has offered special music in a variety of settings.
(we hope our next pastor is a 1st Tenor)
From time to time we offer our community a musical concert. Recently, we had a great Gospel Concert with Ron & Opal Erickson... all the way from Branson, Mo -- via Hope, N.D.
From time to time, we try something new for the sake of reaching out to our community. In 2012 we put together a dinner theater... with an unusual twist.
Annual November "Operation Christmas Child" shoebox drive.
Awana Grand Prix
 Annual Awana Sledding Party!
Every year Awana gives a chance for the kids to actually find a longer hill to sled down.
We wish to thank Marty & Rhoda (Ueland) for the fun time we had at their farmstead!
Annual Christmas Program:
Annual Easter Egg Hunt -- On Easter Morn' (F.Y.I. ... the egg-hunt is in the dark & using flashlights!)
Each Summer we combine the elementary age kids for a special Bible Class (below is a sample of one of their crafts)

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