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What does AWANA stand for?
AWANA stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" This sentence is based on a verse in the Bible: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, because he can rightly handle the Word of Truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15) In other words, Awana is a Bible-based program that helps children & young people learn about God and His plan for their lives.
Pictured above is Craig Becherl (Awana Commander) and all the clubbers.
What age groups can benefit from Awana?
Cubbies (for preschool children)
Sparks ( Kindergarten – 2nd grade)
T & T -Truth & Training ( 3rd – 6th grade)
Trek & Journey (Grades 7-12)

When & where does Awana take place?

Awana meets during the school calendar year on Wednesdays from 6:25 - 8:00 pm. Meetings are held at the Cornerstone Community Church. (901 Roberts Ave, Cooperstown)
What takes place at an Awana Meeting?
1) Games: Awana has created a wide range of games which promote team co-operation as well as healthy competition. 2) Handbook Time: Clubbers “advance” through their handbooks by memorizing Bible passages as well as answering life-oriented questions. Then, during Awana “Handbook Time”, an adult will check the child’s progress. 3) Council Time: “Council Time” gives a child an opportunity to sing fun & lively songs, listen to fun kid-oriented devotion that keeps their attention, & helps them apply what the Bible teaches to their lives. 4) Awana Store: Each Awana clubber earns “Awana Shares” by means of wearing their uniform, participating in games and completing handbook sections. These shares can then be used to buy items in our Awana Store. The store is open every other month. (Kids use their shares to buy fun toys; some choose to buy gifts for their friends or family.)
If you're in a "pickel" for a meal... perhaps our Awana cooks can help:
(Some children attend after-school events do not have time to rush home for a quick meal. We'd like to help. Just call in advance, and our Awana Cooking Staff will include your child in for a meal.)
This year our AWANA cook is Ruth Nevland.

What churches participate in Awana?

Awana is designed for children & students from any church background. (Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Evangelical Free Church, Pentecostal, etc) Kids with no church background are equally welcome.
What motivates the clubbers? ... Saving up for the Awana "Store".
Our Team of Leaders is committed to helping your child understand the Bible... & have fun at the same time. (As you can see below, it take a LOT of leaders. Several are from other area churches.)
“I hope you’ll make Awana part of your Cooperstown family experience.” Pastor Dale
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